Managing Through IT Clouds is a blog discussing themes and topics around cloud services, building architectures on top of hyperclouds and how to actually run them in continuous operations. There is quite strong focus towards Amazon Web Services, but no other topics are left undiscussed, if I find the need to do so.

The focus tries to be more business and cloud strategy oriented than tidbit technical, but every now and then there are some technical thoughts as well.

About the author

During the daytime, I am a IT professional working with cloud architectures and managed services.

I work as a CTO for Cybercom AWS Business Group. In my daily work, I act as a senior advisor with deep technical knowledge combined with business oriented mindset to help my employers key customers in their cloud journey.

APN_Ambassador-Program_logoMy strongest focus currently is around Amazon Web Services and other related technologies and I hold the AWS Partner Ambassador honorary title. I am also Community Leader for AWS User Group Finland.

Off work I enjoy audio related stuff and fixing my Bonneville motorcycle.


This blog is in part sponsored by my current employer Cybercom Group. This means that I am writing some of these texts during my work hours.

Some of the texts are cross published in my Linkedin Pulse feed and in Cybercom Managed Cloud Services blog.

Disclaimer: Any opinions in the texts are considered my own and do not represent the views of my employer.