Me as AWS Community Lead

There is a short post (in Finnish) here about my role as AWS Community Lead for AWS User Group Finland. https://www.cybercom.com/fi/Suomi/Yritys/Ajankohtaista/aws-user-group-finland-on-tuhannen-pilviasiantuntijan-kohtaamispaikka/ Let’s see if we can get that published also in English at some point….

The Subtle Art of Upselling

I just had an experience (and actually not related to my work, or even to IT) where I clearly communicated that I wanted to buy certain service. The service in question could be considered as…

How to farm your servers

… or the cloud-tale of pets, cattle and … insects? There is quite an old anecdote in IT how to classify your servers running your services. And it still seems to hold true in the era of…