AWS CloudFront Expands to Helsinki



AWS just announced minutes ago, that they added six new edge locations to their CDN network. And that Helsinki is one of them.

There are also three other completely new locations, which are Manchester, Denver and Phoenix.

One could say, that this has been long overdue. But finally it is here. This also brings the total number of POPs to over one hundred.

And this complements nicely the announcement from last week, where AWS announced their network POP (Point of Presence) in Helsinki, which is located in Equinix HE6 facility.

The global edge location map is pretty impressive and gives you low latency and good performance regardless of consumer location on the world map. And I could guess, that we are going to see even more in the short term to cover locations in at least Africa.

As my employer Cybercom has many customers from the media segment, we are naturally enthusiastic about this announcement. And we have already had a Passionate Support for Content Delivery offering going strong for a while.

You can also read my colleague Tony Hendrell to write his thoughts about this announcement.