AWS User Group Finland August meetup at Alma Media

On the 29thof August 2017 we gather to Alma-building for AWS Finland August meetup, which was sponsored by Alma Media.

They have a blog post about the meetup (in Finnish) here:

Agenda for the evening was (links to slides in the topic rows):

Opening words from Event Sponsor and greetings from AWS User Group Finland 
– Rolf Koski (Cybercom) and Simo Syrjänen (Alma Media)

New and noteworthy – short update about AWS announcements since last meetup 
– Rolf Koski (Cybercom)

Utilizing the potential of SES 
– Antti Siiskonen (Alma Mediapartners)

Introduction to AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)  
– Ari Palo (Alma Media)

Cognito, Lambda & S3 – A complete serverless member portal solution 
– Michael Duergner (Zalando)

Presentation videos are also available online for the interested here: