AWS User Group Finland – March meetup

Real life IoT in Amazon

The march meetup for AWS User Group Finland was a first try to have a event in Tampere.

Cybercom was sponsoring the event and it was held at our office at Pakkahuoneenaukio. We got around 25 participants to show up, so it was a positive signal. So possibly we will have other sessions at Tampere in the future as well.

Adrian from AWS was demoing his IoT demonstration. You can find the links to the slides and source code from his github repository.

The demo was done with RaspberryPi and utilizing AWS IoT functionality.

I also had a keynote about “Selecting Enterprise IoT Platform”. My slides from the meetup are available at slideshare.

After the official part, we took a spin at our Innovation Zone lab area, where we have some Virtual Reality rigs running. Not related to AWS that much, but good fun to play some Fruit Ninja in virtual reality 🙂