AWS User Group Finland – May Meetup 2017

Last week we had AWS User Group meetup, which was this time sponsored by Solinor.

The meetup was at Solinor’s office, which is located at Teollisuuskatu in Helsinki. And if I counted correctly, we had around 45 participants to attend the meetup.

As usual, we had pizza, beer and talks about various subjects. I was also preparing the notes until the last minute, as I had some customer engagements most of the day until the meetup.

Lucky for me, I had just promised to announce some general news from AWS User Group and from AWS Summit.

Also played out with Prezi for the first time instead of the normal Powerpoint show, mainly because of the ease of sharing the presentation publicly. Remains to be seen, if I still remain with slideshare in the future, or start using Prezi more.

The full agenda was (with links to slides):

Here is Jonni speaking about his topic:

And then Paul finishing off the days agenda:

Paul has a long background with finance sector from his previous employments, so his insights to compliance were very thoughtful. Really big thanks for Paul for taking the time to travel to Helsinki and giving the talk.

Also some people were asking about the link to the VR demo we had at Stockholm summit, so here you go:

The feedback from the meetup has been once again positive, so I trust that we are doing good things here. If you want to give feedback, either negative or positive, feel free to do so. You can send email to or contact me directly.

We are also looking for sponsors for upcoming meetups, mainly with spaces which can accommodate 60-100 people. If you are interested, drop me a line. We are looking for a next meetup date to somewhere around middle of June. Then we are going to have a summer break and we’ll be back in the end of August.