AWS User Group Finland November Meetup – Sponsored by Yle

On 16th of November we had the possibility to go to Yleisradio in Helsinki and use one of their main TV studio spaces as the premises for the AWS Meetup. Big thanks for Olli Vistbacka from Yle for enabling this.

Welcome to Studio 1!

We had a turnout of about 80 people, so this was a very good session and there were also good discussions during the evening.

Olli Vistbacka opening the meetup

The topic for the evening was “Road to Re:Invent” and the official agenda was as follows:

  • Welcome Words – Olli Vistbacka (Yle)
  • New and noteworthy from AWS – Rolf Koski (Cybercom)
  • Building a Lake of Wisdom – Henri Heiskanen (Rovio)
  • Yle AWS Tools internals demo + Q&A – Antti Forsell (Weave), Teemu Matilainen (Reaktor)
  • AWS ReInvent topics:
    • How to survive ReInvent and Vegas – Rolf Koski (Cybercom)
    • Rapid Prototyping Task Force takes on Nonprofit hackathon – Pasi Niemi (Nitor)

We also had the privilege of introducing resident AWS Community Hero, Marcia Villalba as a new AWS Community Lead for the Finnish user group. Very warm welcome to the team for Marcia!

Myself preparing for my keynote
Building the lake of Wisdom, by Henri from Rovio
Yle team (Teemu and Antti) presenting their automation tooling made with Terraform

Next up it’s going to be AWS Re:Invent in Vegas. Stay tuned for news from the conferences, where I am going to be the whole week starting 27th of November.