AWS User Group Finland October Meetup – Sponsored by Zalando

On October 26th we gathered to downtown Helsinki to Zalando office for a AWS meetup.

I started the journey early in the morning from Tampere and was greeted by the first snow of the season. Morning seemed quite bright with the snow in the ground.

Zalando has big offices in Autotalo in Kamppi, in the very center of Helsinki.

Our agenda was shorter than usual, but that did not slow us down. I held the now already traditional “New and Noteworthy” session and the Rami from Zalando had very interesting speech about Zalando infrastructure in AWS.

The official agenda was as follows:

  • Opening words – Elina Zimpfer (Zalando)
  • New and noteworthy from AWS – Rolf Koski (Cybercom)
  • AWS at Zalando – Rami Rantala (Zalando)

It was interesting to hear Zalando’s approach and scale of operations, where their instance counts are in the thousands rather than hundreds. On top of which there is virtually fully containerized infrastructure.

Also taking into account scale peaks, like Black Friday and such, give certain special aspects to their specific operational approach.

Also their offices were cool and ultra sleek and modern. Concrete and glass and very high ceiling. Hope to be able to invite them to host meetups in the future as well, for sure.