Helping out in Cloudy Gothenburg

Cloudy Gothenburg – AWS meetup April 2017

Part of my job description is also helping out internationally the different sites we have around the Nordics and Europe. This time it meant packing the bags and heading towards Gothenburg with very early flight.

There is a relatively new meetup called Cloudy Gothenburg which is sponsored by Cybercom’s Gothenburg office. It was originally founded by my former colleague Marcus Tannefalk but as he relocated to different country and had to leave not only Gothenburg but Cybercom, the meetup future was left a bit uncertain. So I offered my help to keep the momentum going and together with Magnus Skebäck and other crew on site we decided to push on with the really well received meetup.

Our office is located in the science park with lots of local high tech companies and Chalmers technical university closely coupled.

My talk in the meetup was about how to set up AWS accounts in enterprise environments. You can find the slides from the talk here:

After the meetup I staid for some personal time, as it was the easter weekend. But let me say, Gothenburg really was very cloudy.