Santa Monica – Security Day 2016

I attended Santa Monica security day on September 27th with one of our Chief Architects, Mika Ahoniemi. The event was held at Helsinki Messukeskus.

There was interesting speeches by Santa Monica represented vendors. Mainly Juniper, Fortinet and F5 had interesting sessions, among others.

Fortinet for example discussed the share responsibility model in the cloud and it’s implications to security.

Also new EU information security regulation was discussed.

Trend Micro rebranded energy drink. Some heavy sh*t.

Naturally the keynotes were very technology and vendor specific forged to promote their own solutions. Nevertheless, the value for the day was maybe actually more, what I was originally expecting. So there were some good takeaways from the actual contents and it was not purely slideware.

And also one takeaway was this complimentary fire alarm – a security product of sorts 🙂