AWS User Group Finland March Meetup – Sponsored by Gofore

On March 8, 2018 we had AWS User Group Finland meetup, which was sponsored by by Gofore.

Meetup venue

The meetup was organized at Gofore’s Helsinki office penthouse.

Tero Vepsäläinen was kind enough to work as the local host and provide space and beverages for all of us.

The servings were fabulous, made by Fafa’s. Also not forgetting excellent selection of drinks, and also non-alcoholic ones, which I can say, is still today a rarity.


The topic list was exciting and quite detailed presentations were anticipated. Also because we had the possibility to hear AWS’s own Heitor Lessa to speak.

The turnout was good, factoring in that the event attendee limit was pretty strict this time for reasons related to the size of the premises. We had around 40 people present of 50 slots, so not too bad. But I would like to ask everyone the courtesy of updating RSVPs to the free events as well, as it is sometimes really challenging to optimize the attendee limits against the actual capacity of the events. So keep this in mind, it helps us who are organizing these events really a lot!

The event agenda was as follows:

  • Tero Vepsäläinen (Gofore) & Rolf Koski (AWS User Group): Opening words
  • Rolf Koski (AWS User Group): New and Noteworthy from AWS
  • Oskari Ruutiainen (Gofore): How does beer and AWS Lambda fit together? Small story of refactoring Node.js-application from traditional EC2 instance to AWS Lambda with help of Serverless Framework.
  • Ville Seppänen (Gofore): Journey towards serverless infrastructure (with Docker, ECS, Lambda, Fargate)
  • Heitor Lessa (AWS): Building Serverless microservice live using Python from Local Development Tooling to Operating.

After Tero’s introductory words, I went through a list of eight most important AWS announcements (of my choosing) after the last meetup. This has been my standard talk for about a year now.

Next up, Oskari about his hackathon project and the implementation transition from EC2 based and socket based implementation towards serverless architecture.

Then Ville told about the cloudification and containerization journey of service. This is actually a project, where my employer Cybercom and the event sponsor Gofore both work on. Photo courtesy of Gofore.

Last, but definitely not least, Heitor Lessa for AWS kept an interesting, high paced live coding session for us, which was definitely not for the faint of heart. This guy really is not afraid of going full throttle in front of an audience – even if that meant couple of hiccups here and there. But it definitely kept it real and not too polished, which is a rarity these days. And big thanks for Pasi Niemi for good eyes and comments during the session. And everyone else who pitched in as well. I really liked the dynamic nature of the session and everyone had the chance to comment and ask questions. And more importantly get answers.

I really appreciate Heitor for taking the time from his busy schedule to come and talk to us.

Here are the links Heitor provided for the materials:

The meetup was pretty long this time – I had to almost run to catch the 22:04 train back home. And meanwhile we had the meetup, the city had turned into a snowy blizzard. But caught the train on time and after a really long day, headed back home.

One last thing

If you have not had the chance to register to the upcoming AWS Community Day Nordics, do it now! The last tickets are going out fast. More information on the event site.